Calm Space - White Cypress & Lavender Cleanse Bar

Cedar & Stone Soap Bar - Calm Space

  • Our soap bars are gentle and soothing, suitable for the entire family. Triple milled with Australian native extracts and organic Shea Butter for a noticeably more luxurious and silky cleansing experience.

    White Cypress extract will gently tone your skin to reveal its natural luminosity. Lavender oil will help you to find your calm space, bringing peace and serenity to your mind.

    Our cleanse bars need a little more care than chemical-laden soaps. It needs to be well drained with as little of the soap touching a flat, wet surface as possible. Invest in a good soap dish and try to keep on your sink, out of the shower.


    No Parabens, Chemicals or Synthetic Fragrances. Made using Essential Oils. No Palm Oil. Vegan. Suitable for all skin types.